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Based in New York City, our boutique textiles have been used to create designer furniture and upholstery, lighting fixtures, pillows, drapery, window panels, bed linens, and other luxury home décor. Available in running yardage, fabric is painted, stitched, and embroidered by hand in our studio.

The studio’s unique mode blends modern design with traditional technique to create luxury fabric and bespoke, contemporary home décor. Drawing inspiration from methods rooted in ancient Japanese art, exquisitely styled designer textiles influence the world’s leading architects and interior decorators.

We’ve collaborated with acclaimed interior designers like Amy Lau, Pierce Allen, and Brian J. McCarthy — featuring in publications such as Elle Décor and Architectural Digest.

Our projects range from residential to commercial — commissioned for apartment buildings, museums, hotels, fashion houses, events — like the Copper Hewitt Museum’s National Design Awards — and the region’s most coveted homes.


Creativity is paramount. Emphasis is placed on personal aesthetic, reflecting the client’s choice of color and design scheme, individual style, and brand identity — tailoring each piece for its environment.

The creative process for each project is nurtured through ongoing, open dialogue with the client.

Custom designed sketches, color palettes, patterns, and samples are presented through individual client consultations in New York City. Remote options are available to accommodate out-of-state and globally based projects.

Maintaining high standards of quality is essential. Ethically produced, everything is lovingly crafted in New York City. Sourcing the finest fabrics from around the world and partnering with local artisans is integral to our philosophy.

Handmade to order, all samples and design concepts are bespoke –– prices upon discussion.