New Collaboration to be lunched at ICFF 2016

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Couture-trained fabric artist, Maki Yamamoto and Melissa Dougherty of Five Finger Furnishings, designer and creator of one-of-a-kind upholstered seating proudly introduce their first collaboration, the Gendo Collection. Due to be launched at ICFF (Javitz Center on May 14-17, 2016), the collection includes a sofa, chair, bench and vanity-sized stool suitable for residential, commercial or hospitality use.


We've just completed our first collaboration, the Gendo Collection, with couture-trained fabric artist and designer Maki Yamamoto--and the pieces are beautiful. The collection includes a sofa, chair, bench and vanity-sized stool and will be launched at the ICFF (Javitz Center on May 14-17, 2016). Gendo Collection--meaning “movement” in Japanese--is a collage of handmade and collectible textiles, including couture’s pleats, flowers and bows; painterly color and hand-sewn lines and Japanese vintage Obi which Maki brought back from Japan. Textiles are created and combined to project texture, shape and movement—not just stretched tight to cover a surface.

Each piece reveals the drama and artistry that is possible in hand-made, one-of-a-kind seating. Whether or not these fabrics and colors fit your project, the techniques employed can be used in any combination on custom pieces that will transform the room you're decorating.


Yura Yura Chair is named for the distinctive, looping fringe design on the outside of the chair: "Yura Yura" is Japanese, suggesting swinging, shaking and waving. The inside back features a mountain motif, created using a collage of organically shaped silk elements, hand stitched to a velvet backdrop and surrounded by decorative knots.


Saidai ("maximalist art") Sofa demonstrates a variety of couture techniques, and uses both traditional (e.g., Japanese Obi) and contemporary textiles. Custom designed fabric treatments are applied as a collage, using traditional upholstery techniques to ensure that the design retains its original integrity and gains strength.


Asobi , playful" in Japanese--is sophisticated, yet so much fun. The top is composed entirely of vintage silk Japanese obi, the sash on a kimono. The bench overall reflects a summers day. Its bright blue surface is detailed with a small, hand-sewn, and very traditional Japanese motif: children playing.

Contact maki@maki-yamamoto.com for questions or more information